Ragha Systems LLC. earned vertical niches in global industry through our ability to respond to our clients with custom solutions that resolve issues rather than conceal conceptual and architectural flaws with boiler-plate responses that never quite fit the client's need. Capability, ingenuity, response, and a commitment to excellence are the foundation of every Ragha Systems-Client relationship.

Founded by a team of young, dynamic and task-oriented IT professionals, Ragha Systems LLC., brings a pragmatic approach with proven, real-world solutions to the challenging fields of technology and IT personnel placement.

Ragha Systems LLC. has an elite workforce of IT professionals on staff. Our objective has been to recruit only the highest caliber and most knowledgeable IT professionals available. Every employee is carefully selected, interviewed and tested before they can join your team. We have technology professionals from all over the world and more continuously hiring new, highly qualified individuals.

With a primary focus on experience, training and expertise, Ragha Systems LLC., has built a strong group of IT professionals. Coming from broad range of concentrations, our staff covers all aspects of technology, including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), Network engineering, Database management and administration, systems engineering, maintenance, and administration, Data warehousing, Web Technologies, Project Management, Quality Assurance (QA) Software Testing and Internet and E-commerce Solutions.

Why We're Different

  • Credentials. All our IT staff members have bachelor’s degree.
  • More than 30% of our IT staff professionals have master’s degrees.
  • Experience. All our IT staff members have at least 8 years of industry experience.
  • Bi-Lingual. We have bi-lingual staff members and IT staff professionals.
  • Preferred Vendor. We are a preferred vendor to the U.S. General Services Administration, State of Michigan and State of Illinois.
  • Diversity. We are one of the largest minority and women-owned specialty IT companies in the Midwest
  • Locations. We have locations in Michigan (HQ), Northern Virginia and Illinois.
  • Credentials. All our IT staff members have bachelor’s degree.

Leadership and Advisory Teams

  • Veera Thota -- President/CEO
  • Randy Cochran -- Technology Manager
  • Don Davidson -- QA, Risk Manager
  • Robert Schaffer -- Legal Advisory
  • Prhigan and State of Illinois.
  • Rebecca Millsap -- CPA

Strategic Partners

  • Logic Solutions
  • IBM
  • OpenBox Solutions

Social Responsibilities

  • Plan to help the Community

  • Mission

    To progressively realize our vision by providing innovative, proactive, strategic, pragmatic, efficient, cost-effective, best-quality solutions and services to our customers and by building a strong internal value system that provides the transparency and integrity in all the transactions among our employees, partners and customers.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Ragha Systems LLC. is committed to the success of its customers. The customer satisfaction statement holds every Ragha Systems LLC. responsible and accountable for maintaining high customer satisfaction levels, through the periodic survey

  • Quality

    We will deliver innovative, foolproof services and solutions, on time and to our customer(s) requirements. The Quality Department supports this effort by providing clear and accessible data on our performance and managing a continuous quality improvement program.

  • Employee Ownership

    Ragha Systems LLC. rationale for employee ownership.  It is fair for those who contribute their energies to the company to own it and benefit from its success. Ragha Systems LLC. is employee centric company, employees are well respected and we value the input of our employee for continuous perfection in our process.